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gap year #3

 1. I'm planning a road trip of Florida. Maybe several. I know I wanna hit Tamiami Trail thru the everglades, the keys, lake okeechobee, silver springs (apparently there's monkeys here), arcadia, and a few others. i've got a huge road atlas; i ought to pull that out and find some points of interest. then there's also my guide to florida cryptids, so i can visit places where ppl have seen the skunk ape and see if i can get a pic. i'll probably have to do some camping cause i dont wanna spend money on motel rooms lol

2. im not going to school this semester cause my mood spiralled the week before classes started and i dropped all my classes again. plus moms got this new idea for me to get a degree in sonogram tech, another 2 years of heavy studying, instead of finishing my damn AA which has like 1 or 2 semesters left to go. and as usual i need several months to plan and make decisions about literally anything. she also wants me to get a job which is really great when your ID isnt up to date and you have a fucking criminal record. i cant even get my anxious ass medicated until october

3. ive got to look into gym memberships oorrrr something. actually, lately ive really been wanting to act. ive seen a theatre in town but i dunno if you just waltz in and audition or what. do you need to choose your own monologue to do. maybe they have classes