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Sep. 20th, 2017 11:06 pm
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me: i've been feeling exhausted and low energy

also me: let's stare numbly at a clicker game for like five hours

unsurprisingly, this did not help anything.

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Sep. 18th, 2017 09:47 pm
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Important notice: All Skype for Linux clients version 4.3 and older will be retired on July 1, 2017. To keep chatting, please install the latest version of Skype for Linux.

so i think skype may or may not just be like, refusing to send or recieve messages now unless i upgrade. at the very least it's implying that it'll stop working at some point in the future

and upgrading involves migrating my skype account to a windows live (tm) account, which is a step i have pointedly refused to do, mostly b/c 1. microsoft and 2. the process of doing that involves giving them some personal information

ughhhh see this is basically why i prefer irc: it's a known protocol w/ a bunch of different server and client implementations, that you can just... connect to, instead of some centralized, corporation-owned thing that gets bought out or repurposed or disabled arbitrarily. :/

plant repotting reportback

Sep. 18th, 2017 02:46 pm
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start: one (1) corkscrew rush, very rootbound. one (1) pot of aloe plants, similarly overpacked.

first thing, the corkscrew rush ended up being more rootbound than i had anticipated. not only was there a mat extending out of the drainage holes, the interior roots were all curled around the rim of the pot several times over, with one super tightly-packed strand that had managed to curl into what was basically a coil of string that just peeled apart and, when fully unraveled, was longer than my outstretched arm. keep in mind this was from a pot that was like, six inches wide, six inches deep

so i ended up grabbing one of my housemate's unused plastic pots (12'' wide, 12'' deep) and dumping it in there, which will hopefully be good enough for a while. apparently corkscrew rushes are hardy enough to overwinter outside here, but given it's current state i'll probably bring it in once it gets around to frosting.

so that brings us to the aloe. the aloe was in this fancy stone pot with a built-in drainage tray, and also about 6'' by 6''. the thing with this pot is it had a narrow lip -- not a lot narrower, but there was a definite inward turn at the top of it. which was a problem, since the soil had sunk down and there were aloe rhizomes pushing out along all the edges. initially i was concerned with the jostling of getting the plants out tearing out the plant body and leaving the roots, but uh i quickly realized that most of the offshoots had a single rhizome root, that was already disconnected, and basically no further root system. so, yikes.

(now probably wasn't the best time to repot them, since it's right around the end of their growing season, but uh given that they were all packed together i can't imagine repotting them would be WORSE than letting them stay in that pot for another six months.)

anyway so now i have: somewhere between nine and twelve aloe plants. nine separate pots, though some of the plants are doubled-up since i ran out of pots to use. i'm not 100% if they'll all survive, but they all have some growth and some roots, so you know, hopefully.

also due to the pressures of the pot they were in, all but the biggest ones are completely flat. like, aloe plants usually send out spiky growths in all directions, but for these they're all squashed out to the left or right. hopefully as they get used to their new, less-packed confines they'll get a bit spreadier.

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Sep. 17th, 2017 09:59 pm
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okay so the local grocery store has had clay pots for sale in the seasonal aisle for the past several months, and now they're finally getting shifted out and thus on sale for 75% off. which is enough of a discount that the price is comparable to, you know, buying them from a plant store rather than a grocery store. so i got some of them and i'm trying to figure out the order of repottings i need to do, given the pot sizes and which plants need repotting.

the two plants i have that need it the most are both basically handoffs from my mom, who was like "i'm moving i don't want these here you go"; one is an aloe plant that's kinda sunk under the rim of its pot and is gonna be a mess of get out, and also i think at this point like four separate plants, and the other is a sadly neglected corkscrew rush (which are like, water grasses like cattails that can literally sit in standing water constantly and not have a problem) that has not only outgrown its pot, but also, since it's in a pot-in-pot kinda situation, grown out like an inch-thick mat of roots into the containing pot through the drainage holes. so that's gonna be a challenge to get out without damaging.

i guess the plan is to repot the corkscrew rush into a big pot, carefully, and then use its old pots + one of the new big pots to repot the aloe and its likely shards. we'll see how that goes.

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Sep. 15th, 2017 12:34 am
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sigh i'm in a lull between games and getting kinda bored again. i mean there's a new minecraft modpack called 'forever stranded' that seems to be the successor to crash landing, in that you're on a desert planet with pretty sharp water/temperature restrictions and there are a bunch of far-away ruined cities you need to get resources from, but that's kind of repetitive, and really if i go back to minecraft i guess i'd like to pick up my old regrowth save and play that more.

like i basically just want a game about building some sprawling structure that's not, like, level-based, but those games basically don't exist. and failing that some kinda grindy action-focused rpg, but my computer can't really play any of the modern ones, or any of the recent-but-not-modern ones, leaving me with like... a bunch of infinity engine junk. so basically i'll just sit here and seethe i guess.

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Sep. 13th, 2017 12:39 am
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also while idly checking sofurry i SCOPED OUT that another few recurring commenters on my stuff there are pro-bestiality

soooo i'm thinking i might just quietly stop posting on sofurry at this point. since. that's not reallyyyyy a community i wanna be a part of.

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Sep. 12th, 2017 08:04 pm
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i've been watching bits of breath of fire 4 longplays, and one of the first interesting things i noticed is that there's actually a lot of perspective camera work in the cutscenes -- the game literally opens with a horizon shot (i think the reason the sandflier has railings is in part to hide everybody's feet, since otherwise they wouldn't look right. or maybe not; it's hard to tell), followed almost immediately by a shot where the sandstrider appears over the horizon. likewise, in the cutscene where ryu first shows up, there's another camera tilt that goes over the horizon.

uh this is interesting b/c breath of fire 3/4 generally use an orthographic camera with no vanishing perspective, so the use of a perspective camera w/ a vanishing line at the horizon (or using tricks to fake it) is pretty unusual. like a genuine orthographic camera can't elegantly look up, since the moment it tilts up enough for the horizon to become visible you realize that the horizon isn't converging with distance at all.

also i THINK the way breath of fire 4 maps work is that there's a grid/nonplanar graph of tiles, with height values at corners, where movement is allowed onto any open tile with a matching edge. i think movement is actually aligned to the grid, it's just that each grid unit is like, half the size of a sprite footprint.

basically there're a lot of very subdued height slopes in some early maps that you can walk along, and all maps generally have some pretty distinct clifflike height differences. i don't really know to what degree the rendered geometry is associated with the walkable tiles, though presumably there's some connection. but that's the kind of thing you can't just eyeball from an lp.

anyway blah blah blah video games are tough

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Sep. 11th, 2017 09:50 pm
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i've gotten better enough to start working on code stuff again (i mean plus sitting around doing nothing for like a week was starting to make me stir-crazy) and so far that's mostly been "working on the plant data serialization for hell's half acre", since doing hell game work at this point basically means writing, which is... idk. more mentally difficult, i guess.

hell's half-acre will ideally be very data-backed, for a few reasons: hardcoding anything in java is incredibly exhausting; this makes it easier for helia to add in content herself and have more of a dual workflow; this makes it easier for anybody to mod in content later on; and while some stuff might end up being hardcoded, plants are just gonna be a collection of sprite sheets and .json files in a plants/ directory. a lot of the struggle has been figuring out what data needs to be encoded -- there's a lot of fiddly "which sprites should be displayed at which growth stages" stuff, and as it always is with data stuff a lot of the issue is just figuring out a good representation: what is a clear and concise way of defining plant info, that will hold up now and in the future when there are some weirder plants. so that's a thing.

for hell game... i mean at this point i've basically given up on writing much more, and i'm just hoping i'll be able to finish up the three half-written scene expansions that are currently partially-written. after that it's messing with the map generator and interface + event trigger stuff, and after THAT it's actually writing a lot of events. like, game content. maybe even some game content that isn't porn! no clue when the next dev poll should go in there, since it's only the final 'game content' one that will fulfill the promise of the poll-before-last where people wanted more rpg stuff.

i keep wanting to do something to make hell game development less glacial, and yet, it still remains pretty icy. idk, i'm not super motivated to work on it as its own thing, i guess. probably should try to get motivated. or like, work on it enough that i finally start getting some structural/narrative traction, which is a thing i've been waiting for since, uh, starting serious work on it. still, slow and steady progress is probably better than burning myself out working on it more, it's just ideally those would not be my only two options.

also i was vaguely considering turning those naked minotaur sprites into a 3d render test game that was basically like. gay monster bathhouse game. not actually sure what aspects of it would be gamelike. who knows if i'll think about that more.

(like the promise of tiled graphics is mutability? it's easy to envision a map just with a few blocks shifted in one direction and with a different tileset. the implicit promise of mutability. and there's this sense of promise in all those open-world survival games, where you're given some open field and it's only by the implicit construction rules of the game mechanics that say to you 'hey, build something out of this'. and there are lots of things i have to say about robinson crusoe and the narrative of conquest, but sometimes it's just like look, i wanna game where you can make this sprawling, relaxing habitat full of splashing water and clouds of steam and softly-glowing lamps and ornate woodwork and attractively-jumbled nature features. and i guess also monster dicks? this is one of those times when i'm conflicted about making everything pornographic, etc)

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Sep. 10th, 2017 01:08 pm
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so that guy who was making the terribly-written porn game is now preparing for a career as a youtube rapper, or something. he's got another patreon:

g0LD k0R
$100 or more per month
7H3 L0W357 713R 0F 5UPP0R7, R353RV3D F0R 7H3 HVRD357 C0R3.

+ personalized thank you video on youtube
+ will include your name in rap, if desired


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Sep. 9th, 2017 05:30 pm
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okay for the record i am still alive. still sick! but doing better.

anyway in other news i've been thinking about trying to centralize my fanfic, which means "posting more of it to ao3". the problem with that: some of that fic is REALLY BAD.

so i started writing fanfic when i was 16, and some of it held up and some of it did not. in my short stint as an affn admin i told them my actual age and at some point somebody put it together that i had lied about my age when i signed up, and quietly deleted the fics i had posted before my 18th birthday. this includes:

  • the first fic i ever wrote (well, finished), this kind of lengthy naruto/kiba thing about them fighting and then fucking and then dating and moving in together
  • an ff8 zell/raijin fic that's them fucking around in a shower and then actually-fucking in zell's bed
  • a pwp oneshot xenogears rico/random mechanic fic where rico just lets the guy suck on his dick and that's it
  • this fairly big ryu/rei fic that involves them moving in together postgame and having a bunch of sex
  • a pwp oneshot ryu/cray fic
  • a pwp oneshot ryu/garr fic

the breath of fire ones have since been reposted on sofurry since somebody asked about them, but the rest have been off the internet for like 10 years, with the only copies on my computer.

and like wow they're bad. they're maybe useful for the historical record, but i'm not actually sure i want them to be in my ao3 profile with the rest of my work. so i'm not sure if i want to actually repost them or not.

i was considering making a separate pseud for them, but the way those work on ao3 is that then it would be possible to separate my works into categories of "xax" "xax (xax)" and "old bad fic (xax)", but the default category there would be 'xax' which would contain all the fic, including the bad stuff. and in the fandom indices those would show up as "story by old bad fic". so that's not really an elegant solution all-around.

i GUESS i could just repost them all here. but it's the same issue of "they are old, and bad, and i don't really want them attached to the rest of my work".


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